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At White Knight, we use the very latest in Pure Water Technology to give your home or business the most cost effective and professional results available. We observe and evaluate the type of glass your windows have and use the best equipment to clean them.

What is a Pure Water Window Cleaning System?

A Pure Water Window Cleaning system consists of 3 things:

  1. Water filtration system
    At White Knight  we use the very latest in Pure Water technology, we use a 3 stage filtration process that removes all minerals and solids from the water giving us ‘Pure Water’ with this we can achieve amazing results safely and in a cost effective way.

  2. Carbon Fibre Telescopic poles
    Are the main part of a Pure Water Window Cleaning System, our poles are Carbon Fibre and can reach up to 5 stories. This makes them very lightweight but also very strong, we can access places most window cleaners either can't or, won't try and clean.

  3. Soft Brushes
    Special brushes attach onto the Carbon Fibre telescopic poles, with inbuilt water jets that are fed with water by a hose that runs up the inside of the pole. Good quality brushes have several different layers of soft bristles, these make them very efficient at dislodging dirt. At White Knight we carry 5 different types of brushes for different applications so that you can be assured that we get it right.

This technology is also used to get your Solar Panels clean!

Do you know you can increase your Solar output by up to 25% by maintaining your Panels?

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