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We are based and live in Cronulla,

We are experts in Window Cleaning and Glass Cleaning especially Glass Balustrade in areas close to the beach and ocean. We know and understand the difficulties in keeping windows clean with all the salt, sea spray, and sand that can contribute to the build up on the glass. All this can accumulate and dirty the glass from the sometimes harsh weather conditions we can get in Cronulla. Buy having your windows professionally cleaned by the experts at White Knight Window Cleaning Cronulla, you can rest assured knowing that we have the local knowledge, the very best and latest equipment, and we are highly skilled window cleaners who take 110% pride in our work and reputation.

White Knight Cronulla - Your Local, Friendly Window Cleaners!

We often see Windows, Window Frames & Glass Balustrade on houses, businesses and apartments thick with salt crust in Cronulla. For this we use our state of the art Pure Water Filtration System which filters out all the impurities in the water leaving the windows and balustrade streak free and sparkling! Thats the White Knight Guarantee!

As the leading Window Cleaning Service in Cronulla, the Team at White Knight Window Cleaning have all the skills, qualifications, insurances and state of the art equiopment to get the Windows Cleaned on your Residential, Commercial or Strata property to the highest possible standard, then White Knight Cronulla is your #1 choice

Window Cleaning cronulla? - White knight are your #1 choice.

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