White Knight also specialise in Solar Panel Cleaning.

We specialise in solar panel cleaning in the Cronulla, Sutherland Shire and St George Area.

Most people don’t realise that without regular cleaning solar panels are not as effective as they should be — dirty solar panels can decrease efficiency by up to 30%

You've invested a significant amount of money into your solar panel system, only to let it sit there in the elements.

Unfortunately rain is an inefficient cleaner — does rain clean your windows or car?

  • We take before and after photographs for you.

  • We work to current NSW WHS Act 2011 requirements.

  • No chemicals or potentially damaging cleaners used.

  • We use only purified and de-ionised water.

  • Our quotes are free and without obligation.

  • 100% safety record


Solar Panels are a large investment in your home!

White Knight can help keep them working at 100% effeciency saving you money!


Rain doesn't clean your solar panels.


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