White Knight Property Maintenance Solutions also specialise in gutter cleaning.

Sooner or later your property's gutters and downpipes accumulate all sorts of leaves and debris brought in by the wind and rain. Leaves, twigs, and even smaller branches find their way to the guttering system of your building or home.

Apart from the obvious fire hazards, leaves and debris can cause pipes to clog up and become blocked if left to decompose and not removed, which eventually may lead to water damage as a result of water leaking back into your house.

We clean gutters throughout the Sutherland Shire and St George areas, with our help, you can be sure that your property won't suffer the consequences of blocked gutters and downpipes and water leaking into your home.

In addition, our helpful service comes with many extra benefits:

  • It's suitable for all kinds of buildings and properties (Residential, Commercial and Strata)
  • We are not 'hourly based.' The technicians will work until the job is finished thoroughly and to your satisfaction.
  • We inspect your guttering system carefully and give you professional advice prior to commencing work.
  • Through regular cleaning you avoid the risks of fire and water damage to your property.
  • The cleaning procedure is eco-friendly, done without any detergents, if we do need to clean further we are 100% Environmentally friendly.
  • Flexible booking options are available
  • Regular discounts! When you book gutter cleaning together with a window clean or house wash and save now. Get your neighbours together for a HUGE Discount.
  • Every Gutter Cleaning service that you book has a full insurance cover.
  • We take before and after photos, so you can see the level of quality, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

How we carry out the gutter cleaning service

If you your Gutters need cleaning or you require an inspection for your business or home in the Sutherland Shire or St George area simply give us Steve a call on 0434460072 and book a service for whenever it is most convenient for you. Soon our team of gutter cleaners will be on their way to carry out the service which is usually done in four main steps:

  1. Inspection — We will inspect and report on  complete functionality of your guttering system is very important for the well-being of your home. The specialists will take a closer look at it to determine if there's anything wrong and just how much build up is there and the best way to rectify the issues.
  2. Cleaning —  The Gutter Cleaning Team will proceed with the actual cleaning. Debris and leaves will be removed and bagged, any remnants will be vacuumed or blown off the roof and the ground will be cleaned of any debris that may have fallen.
  3. Reporting — When the Gutter Cleaning is finished, the  Gutter Cleaning Team will show you “before” and “after” pictures of your gutters, so we can give you physical evidence that the work is finished. Many Gutter Cleaners do 1/2 a job knowing that no-one will ever get up and check. Ask if they provide 'Before and After' Photos like the Professionals at White Knight do.
  4. Consultation — Before the Gutter Cleaning Team leave your property, they will offer to give you some useful tips on how to avoid gutter problems and water damage.

At White Knight we give you all these assurances that the job is done 100% the first time, with no call backs. That is why we are the BEST in the Business.






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