Do you need Window Cleaners in LILLI PILLI?

Cleaning Windows seems like it should be a simple task, if only that was the truth! How many times have you tried to Clean your Windows with Windex or Vinegar with Newspaper or a Microfibre cloth? It looks ok, but then when the light hits it…..streaks and smears everywhere and all that time and effort was wasted.

White Knight lilli Pilli are Your Local Friendly Window Cleaners!

At White Knight Window Cleaning Lilli Pilli we know and understand just how difficult and frustrating it can be to get your Windows Cleaned so that they sparkle. On a weekly basis we have customers calling us up to ‘fix’ their windows after they have tried to clean them. Often the comment we get is ‘They look even worse now than before I cleaned them.’ The reason for that is quiet simple; when you use products such as Windex, Glass Cleaner or even Vinegar with a Newspaper or cloth your not actually getting the dirt, grime or mould ‘off’ the glass. Its more a case of the dirt is being dissolved by the cleaning agent and then just smeared with the cloth or newspaper, thus resulting in “dirtier” Windows then you had before the cleaning process.

Thats where the experts at White Knight Window Cleaning lilli pilli can help. we will come to your home or business, evaluate the best method to clean your windows or glass and then implement those techniques to match and hopefully exceed your expectations.

We offer both Residential Window Cleaning and Commercial Window Cleaning to clients in Lilli Pilli, The Sutherland Shire and Sydney, we pride ourselves on both our reputation and attention to detail.

Window Cleaning Lilli pilli? - White Knight are your #1 Choice.

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