Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

White Knight Window

Cleaning Cronulla.

Spring is finally here!

Spring is finally here!

Spring is well and truly upon us, the days are getting longer and warmer and the Spring Cleaning has begun! Where to start? What to prioritise? We often get asked what should be done to get things Spring Ready and apart from Window Cleaning the following.

Outdoor Maintenance

Pressure Cleaning

Starting with Pressure Washing the following areas will need attention, Pressure wash driveway, pathways, decks, and outdoors

Cleaning your driveway in Spring can make the front of your home look fresh and new again by removing the dirt that has accumulated during the Winter months. It also offers health benefits such as removing algae and moulds that may have built up It also reduces the risk of slippery surfaces and trip accidents. It also increases curb appeal and a good Pressure Clean freshens up the whole house!

At White Knight Pressure Cleaning we have a full Exemption from Water Restrictions so if you need any work done we suggest giving us a call.


Window Cleaning

Nothing screams ‘Spring’ more than clean, sparkling Windows letting in the warming rays! Removing the mould that may have accumulated on the interior glass due to condensation over the winter months. Cleaning away the dust and grime from the exterior lets in more natural light! This is our Speciality at White Knight Window Cleaning Cronulla!

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Cleaning Fly Screens

Fly-screens can be good and serve their purpose by preventing unwanted visitors such as flies and insects from getting inside the house. Should your fly screens become dirty and dusty then it can block fresh air from entering inside the house at the same time covering your screens with dust and dirt, that eventually gets back onto the glass. We clean and Scrub all that dirt away, and if your not using certain Windows in the home we advise removing the screens from those Windows as without the screens they stay cleaner a lot longer!

Clean Down pipes and Gutters

Gutters and down-pipes clogged up because they are not cleaned regularly. It can cause a serious damage to your property since water won’t flow properly during heavy rains.  Damp build up can cause health issues to your family because it can act as a breeding ground for mosquitos..

Check taps for leaks

Due to the current drought and Water restrictions that are subsequently in place we advise that you do a quick check of all your outdoor taps and hose fittings. If you find any leaks repair or replace the offending tap and help save some water! As they say ‘Every Drop Counts’


Re-oil the Deck, Timber Gates and any other external woodwork

If its that time again, then an oil of the deck early in the season to prevent any damaging UV Rays will help protect the deck and prevent any premature ageing and damage. Properly oiling the deck regularly keeps your deck looking great whilst protecting it from any damage. Oiling your deck and other timber will extend the lifespan of the wood because it helps protects it from water, mildew and mould that literally break down and damage the wood decreasing the lifespan.

Check for Wasp Nests

Over the past few weeks we have notice a dramatic increase in the number of wasp nests forming around windows! I am no pest expert but they seem to love shaded white painted areas and they are out in force! Trust me, and I am speaking from experience a wasp sting is VERY painful

Clean the Pool

Getting the pool ready for Summer is almost and Aussie ritual, regular maintenance, testing and keeping your pool clean can save a lot of expenses. inspect the pump, check for broken tiles, filter and other leaks, clean any leaves and debris. There are a lot of Local Companies that can help with this.

House Washing

To say its been a dry few years would be an understatement! A lot of houses we go to are covered in dry, fine dust, if the budget extends to it, we can Professionally Soft Wash your home and remove that built up dust and make the exterior of your house look great! We can safely remove any mould or green algae from the cladding on your house! We are more than just the Shire’s Best Window Cleaners!


Give your Rubbish Bins a good clean out

Rubbish bins should be washed especially coming in to the warmer months, there is nothing worse that a stinky rubbish. bin in the hot summer sun! There are deodorisers on the market that can neutralise those smells if need be

Clean out pet houses and wash bedding

Keep your pets healthy by providing them a clean place to sleep and stay. It’s a necessity to clean their place to enhance their comfort.


Last but not least, get ready to replace the Batteries in your Smoke Alarm

At White Knight Window Cleaning Cronulla if we can help in anyway please feel free to get in touch

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