Window Cleaning in Winter? Why its beneficial in more ways than one!

Winter Window Cleaning

Everyone knows the benefits and has heard about ‘Spring Cleaning’ the home, but why wait all winter to improve your health and wellbeing this spring? Use these Window Cleaning and general Cleaning tips to increase the health benefits of a clean home during the winter months.

Window Cleaning

During this dark, gloomy and cold season, many of us have a dramatic decrease in Vitamin D, as we are less exposed to sun light. If you burn scented candles or own a fireplace that you use all winter long or have your Windows closed during the colder months. A thorough Window Cleaning is essential for improving health. These candle and fire burning can build up grimy soot on your windows. With darkened windows, you will be even less exposed to Vitamin D and can find yourself feeling down and tired more easily. With a Winter Window Cleaning, you can have more of the sunshine back in your home and see improved health benefits quickly.

Cleaning other Surfaces

Another huge health benefit of home cleaning during the winter is that it decreases the spread of allergens and bacteria. While this may seem obvious, many of us forget to clean some of the basic surfaces in our homes that dust (and therefore allergens) and germs love to hide out. Cleaning window wells is one area where these allergens tend to build up whether it be on window sills or skylights.

Ceiling fans are also really powerful instigators of bacteria within your home. While you think you’re helping yourself out by using the ceiling fan to cycle the warm air through your home, you’re also spreading allergens and bacteria everywhere if your ceiling fan is not properly cleaned. Take the time each month this season to have your ceiling fans cleaned so that you can reduce the bacteria and allergens being circulated throughout your home.

Finally, during your winter home cleaning, remember to disinfect the most widely touched surfaces. These include sinks, toilet levers, microwave buttons, , light switches, etc. With many people facing cold and flu during the winter, remember to disinfect these surfaces during your home cleaning helps to decrease the spread of germs and illness.

Keep your home clean this winter and see the health benefits that will be rewarded to you! White Knight Window Cleaning today for help getting your windows and ceiling fans cleaned fast and efficiently.