Pure Water Window Cleaning

Here is a tool that many people overlook when thinking about for Window Cleaning and Glass Cleaning

Pure water

Not just water alone, or just water but filtered and purified water, specifically, de-ionized water or DI.

When regular tap water is hosed onto glass and allowed to dry, everything that is in the water such as calcium, fluoride etc etc is left behind on the glass when the water evaporates. As Window Cleaners we are concerned with is the minerals as they can build up on and bond to the glass forming hard water stains. Similar to the ‘Hard Water Staining’ that often builds up on your shower screen.

In Cronulla, Sutherland Shire and Sydney we have a ‘Total Dissovled Solids’ or TDS readings anywhere between 75 to 130 ppm

I've heard many times here in Sydney people complain about the hardness in the water, but compared to say Perth that has around 350 ppm, and Brisbane which is similar. Water will dry and leave ‘spots’ or ‘stains’ from roughly 20 ppm and up

Even though we have lower than average, anything above 20 ppm will start to leave water spots, and the more water that is allowed to hit a window and dry and for the longer this happens the worse the water stains become. I encounter on a weekly basis windows and glass in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney that has these signs of Hard Water Stains, especially when people have hosed the Windows to Clean them

At White Knight Window Cleaning Cronulla we use a 3 stage De-ionizing filter to filter the minerals out of the water before it is fed into our Water Fed Pole (WFP) and special brush for Window and Glass Cleaning. We can effectively and efficiently clean windows and glass from the safety of the ground.

We have several Commercial Window Cleaning customers in the Sutherland Shire, Cronulla and Sydney are that rely on our ‘Pure Water’ Window Cleaning Services from a Safety, Cost and Time factor. Instead of hiring expensive access machines to Clean these Commercial Windows we can safely access up to 4 Stories from the ground. We can also provide a cost effective option for Strata and Owners Corporations to clean the external windows in apartments.

So if this is a Glass Cleaning Option for your home or Business, please contact us for all your Window Cleaning needs.